ryde4lyfe - Zachary Barnhart

Zachary Barnhart

From a young age adrenaline has always been a part of me. It ran through the blood from 3 years old on a two-wheel pedal bike to 4 years old riding a dirt bike. Racing motocross at 5 years old is where the passion began.

Throughout life I came across many extreme sports that all created a passion and a special place within. From motocross to snowboarding in fresh powder I always loved going fast and jumping as high as I could, always trying to progress and push my limits to be the best I could be at these sports. It wasn’t until 2019 that I fell in love with surfing when I first started learning on the North shore of Kauai at Hanalei Bay. One year later in 2020 on a trip to Aruba, I got my first kite surfing lesson and my whole life changed. Everything in life started to revolve around the ocean, waves, and wind. All that you need to kiteboard. It became a passion like no other. Everything in life I planned around kiteboarding. It was always how can I organize my busy life to get more time to kiteboard. After a year of kiteboarding multiple days in a week, snowboarding in the winter, snow kiting, mountain biking, and longboarding from the Outer Banks to the North Shore of Maui, I learned so many life lessons. The world before my eyes was going by so fast and so many people fall victim to this, myself included.

This happened to me as a college student studying in the healthcare field, I became to emersed with to little time to enjoy my passions. I was not balancing life properly. People often live to work and do not get to enjoy the family time or enjoy time for themselves to chase the passions they have in life and enjoy the passion, sports, and activities that they once used to live for. We fall victim to working all the time forgetting what it was like to be passionate about life. Throughout all these trips to various countries from the southern United states, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and Hawaii I became culturally diverse learning how different parts of the world live. The importance of family, happiness, self-worth, and being passionate about your life and what you do are key in these other countries. Time moves slower in these locations and through all the travels that helped shape me as a person, I met extraordinary people that changed my life. These people made me more passionate about life, taught me the importance of chasing the stoke, and the passions I have in life. I made unique friendships and learned the vital lesson of chasing your dreams. Happiness is achieved once you are doing what you love.

This sparked an idea in my sister and I. Kiteboarding, snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, traveling, and the ocean has brought so much happiness along with beautiful friendships from around the world creating unique ties to individuals and other countries. These sports bring people together creating families, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, and creating passions among people of all ages, cultures, and genders. From beginners to pros, it creates friendships and communities unlike any others. This drove my sister and I to want to share our passion and get people involved so everyone can have similar experiences like us.

My sister and I got the idea of bringing everyone together creating our own unique community for anyone and everyone to chase their passions. Nature brings everyone together no matter who you are, so we created RydeGear, a clothing brand that has all your gear for the outdoors. RydeGear is a lifestyle and a avenue to bring people from all walks of life together creating a community that chases their passions and loves life. From a young age I have loved nature and always loved adrenaline which leads me to where I am today.