About Us


So many people wonder how Ryde came to be? It is a question that has been asked a lot, so let’s begin!

Ryde empowers adventure seekers with a true passion for the things that capture our full attention and make us feel most alive. Representing those who love to fly, flow, and shred at all skill levels and experience. Living the Ryde lifestyle means you always chase the stoke, stay wild, and most importantly...BE FREE

My brother and I have always had a passion and love for the sea. Each year, we would take a trip anywhere along the sea, in seek of a week of epic adventures. During these trips was when we were immersed into lifestyles, cultures, attitudes, and outlooks very different than our own – and it was good. We soon fell in love with the stoke and freeness of those in the communities around us. At these various locations, we learned of the fun that could be had in the sea, on the mountain, trails, paths, rivers, etc. Nature quickly became our playground. Our sense of adventure had gone from the underlying backburner to full-flight glory days. We fell in love with one sport after another. First, it started with surfing. There is no feeling like that of being propelled by the raw power of the ocean. Then, we became addicted to kiteboarding. Followed by mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding. The opportunities for fun in the sun, snow, rain, or shine were endless.

Throughout the process of acquiring gear for these activities, we quickly learned that each sport has specific companies that support them. From equipment to apparel, a small class of brands seemed to form the fan base for each sport, ultimately dominating it. It almost seemed as if these sporting communities were segregated without something to connect them all. That is when we saw an opportunity for reform. We thought to ourselves … what if there was a way to connect all these fun-loving, adventure-seeking people together. It seems, to us at least, that with most adventurers, there is a little thread within us all, tying us together in one way or another. We all share the same spirit and love and passion for the things we love to do. That is what often brings people together. We wanted to embody this feeling into a brand using apparel as the medium to help others get connected to the idea. With that, in March of 2021, Ryde was born.

Whether you’re the next Kelly Slater, or a newbie getting pummeled by wave after wave - it doesn’t matter. Any skill level is welcome and encouraged to get out there and enjoy themselves. We were all beginners once, and we must all pay our dues. Whether you are sitting on the beach, sand, slopes, or wherever just watching, or maybe even out there tearin’ it up (shreddin’ the gnar), we invite you to join a community that strives to unite us all. Ryde is merely a dream of my brother and me, to connect and bring together all that share the desire to ride anything. Whether it is riding a wave, your snowboard, longboard, bike, skis, hydrofoil, etc. We want to see anyone and everyone out there having a blast – or even simply cheering on those who are.