OBX Adventure


The Outer Banks— where the sky meets the sand. An island filled with banks of yellow sand, dune grass, boardwalks that lead to the ocean, and houses built on stilts, located in the Atlantic just east of North Carolina. Out of the many places I have ventured, this has easily become one of my favorite places in the world. Nothing has equated to the essence I feel when in the OBX. It’s a paradise for avid surfers, and kiters chasing the wind, or beachgoers looking for a relaxing get away. That’s how my brother and I initially discovered the OBX, as we traveled there chasing the wind and the waves to rip around doing our favorite activities. The Outer Banks is the definition of “all good vibes,” and is a place where I can be at peace with myself— which is a feeling quite hard to find. 


The best part about the island is the people who inhabit it. Everyone there is so happy, and typically have a lifestyle looser than most. I have met countless kind-hearted, free-spirited individuals who I will never forget. Truly, that’s what life is all about. Even when I was a newbie to kiteboarding and could barely rip around, so many people were happy to help me and cheer me on. They are the type of people who will pick you up even before you’ve fallen down. I felt so blessed to be in such a unique place surrounded by even better people.


Remember this— today’s new friends, make tomorrow’s family.