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Emily Barnhart

I have always lived my life with the mentality of, “don’t just exist, live”. I have been telling myself this for years upon years. I want to actually live my life, and spend my time living it to the fullest. From a young age I have always loved the rush I get from doing adventurous activities and hobbies. I don’t often admit it, but I am a huge adrenaline junkie. I soon came to realize that I am on this planet for the thrill of it – trying to maximize and reap the gloriousness this planet offers and the beauty of nature that is hidden within it. I have found that the best locations are often the hardest to find. And finding them is what the journey is all about. I was fortunate enough to be able to start living an adventurous and outdoorsy lifestyle from a young age. My father taught me how to ski and snowboard at six years old, and had put me on a dirt bike with training wheels at only four years old. It’s been a good life. My brother and I were ripping around on snowmobiles and four-wheelers before the age of ten, constantly competing with each other who could go faster.

My life has turned out to be structured very different than how I thought it would turn out when I was young. 4-H and raising swine was a huge part of my life. I lived and breathed raising pigs and showing them at different local, county, and state fairs for nine years. Ever since I was twelve I planned to live on farm and raise animals my entire life. I absolute loved and frankly very much so miss it. My life has taken a complete 180 from the direction I thought I would head. It was in 2015 when I fell absolutely in love with surfing. That is when things started to change. I had never even touched a surfboard at this point in my life or seen waves clean enough to surf. But instantly, I became obsessed. It took over my mind and I knew nothing would change that. I could not get enough of it, and very happily so. I followed the World Surf League and kept up with all the competitions, the surfers, watching the pros and my newfound favorite competitors – all while slowing learning and picking up knowledge about the sport. I remember during high school I would sit in the back of the class whenever my favorite surfer was competition live in a world tour competition just so I could watch it during class and hopefully not get caught. Surfing became a passion and I had never even done it before. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I still do. I caught my first wave in Hanalei Bay, Kauai when I was 17 years old, and it was in that moment I knew everything was right. I had four years of stoke built up within me, and finally got to become one with the sea. I fell in love with surfing and the ocean all at once and steered my life in a completely foreign direction from everything I had ever seen. Everything in my mind clicked. All I wanted to do was surf all day and live the good life on an island surrounded by some great company. I stated structuring things in my life that would give me more opportunities to go surfing. To this day I have been able to surf several locations in Kauai, Costa Rica, Maui, and one in Aruba. The feeling I get when I am riding a wave is like no other. I want to have that feeling all the time. It is absolute magical. Very indescribable. After falling in love with the sea and surfing, my brother and I took our first kiteboarding lesson is Aruba. When soon became another love and addiction. This is when I knew I wanted to no longer end up on a farm. I wanted to live by the sea and change my lifestyle entirely to live loose and be free.

So, here I am, a 19 year old gal trying to earn my college degree and pay my dues so I can fly away and live my life in Maui, the place I will hopefully call my homeland sooner than later. I strive to ride the sea, love who I love, and spread the joy with anyone and hopefully everyone around. For those who are wondering, I am studying medicine and plan to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. We will see where life takes me – I just want to spread goodness along the way.


I knew all about the best surf locations, the world title race, and the essence of the sport be years old and the rest is history. As many tell me – “I have a need for speed”. But I will admit I like to go fast. Soon enough my brother and I were ripping around on dirt bikes, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, etc.